The Three Privileges


The man straightened and sniffed the air.

His senses told him the boy was there, in some corner of that remote region. He had been tracking that scent for four hundred and fifty eight days, around the world. He hoped that by dawn, the hunt would be over.

Nahuel Blest awoke with a start.

He heard someone pronounce his name. Something was wrong. Some strange, defensive instinct had been set off in him, but he couldn’t tell if it was because of a dream, or something else.

Nahuel is a cymanis, but his grandfather has been keeping this from him.

To keep this secret safe, he’s hidden Nahuel in the southernmost end of the Americas. However, the old man will have to let Nahuel start his journey, as he won’t be able to keep him safe from the Ignobles, a rebel group that threatens international stability. The secret of Nahuel’s family heritage makes him a key player in this ancient, never-ending war.

Nahuel will travel to New York.

To become part of one of the most prestigious organizations in the world –the United Nations. The UN holds a big secret –the underground floor is the headquarters of the mysterious Council of Privileges, a body that governs the most ancient society in history. There, a select group of teenagers from all over the planet will be trained to discover and work their extraordinary skills.

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